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Do you know your Sun Sign? Did you know that there is much more to astrology than just the position of the sun at your time of birth? Did you know that you also have a Moon sign and an Ascendant? All 3 of these points are part of what makes you who you are. But wait, there's more - there are also 8 other moving bodies in the heavens - these are the known planets from Mercury to Pluto. On top of that there are houses and of course the signs. So it isn't quite as simple as most people think. In fact Astrology in it's true form is quite a complex study - but then we are complex creatures.

I am a student of Astrology, my speciality seems to be tending toward the more mundane side of astrology, weather, politics etc. and the more 'traditional'.

I am still in the beginning stages of building this site - I have a number of original articles etc., which I am hoping to put up over the next few weeks.

Here is the link to my writing

In the meantime I hope you enjoy looking at the sites I have provided links to - they are in my opinion the best sites on the web - astrologically speaking

Astrological links

Panplanet: Home of Canopus Academy of Astrology

Astrology Assoc.of NSW

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